The Human Element

Though we as humans are not listed on the periodic table, everything that combines into our chemical makeup is.  We, you, me, Forge Survival Supplyall of us are at the essential core of the salvation of mankind.  If that sounds redundant or worn out, well, think about it.  We are not only charged with surviving ourselves, but we need to contribute to the preemptive avoidance of any and all catastrophic events to the extent we can influence such.  I assume nobody wants Armageddon.

By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

This may sound trite, but I am encouraged by the level of grassroots participation in some of the state political caucus events.  People are getting involved.  This is critical even at the local neighborhood and town levels.  Don’t let these local “powers” take your world away from you.  Speak up, get active.  Keep prepping as though your life may well depend on it, but at the same time let’s not give up on avoiding it.

What Will Be Left of Life?

Let’s hope the cockroaches, rats, and the coyotes don’t inherit whatever is left after the final SHTF.  That demise is ultimately left up to us.  Us being the human race.  Wow, that all sounds pretty dramatic even to me.  If you have read my stuff before, you know I enjoy dissecting clips from popular movies depicting the portrayal of the apocalypse(s).   I know it’s fiction, but if you really want to see a taste of reality just look around our world to see what is happening to other populations of people.

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ISIS really is terrorizing the world.  They really are beheading people including children.  They are actively recruiting young Top Survival Blogpeople in Europe and America.   We just had two college students from a Mississippi university intercepted trying to reach Turkey to get to ISIS operatives in the Middle East.  This is real stuff.  I often hear preppers discussing their futures after a prolonged SHTF.  It may not be pretty.  Sometimes I think we live in a dream world if we think life would ever be the same if a dirty bomb went off in America.

When something like that arrives on our door steps, we will never be the same.  Just think of how the aftermath of the Twin Towers still lingers especially for the families directly affected.  Such events nearly wipe out the soles of that generation.  Sure, Japan survived Hiroshima, “we” survived Katrina, the town survived Sandy Hook, San Bernardino has recovered, the country will survive the present administration, we hope.  What will be left of life after a SHTF may be in big part dependent on what we do now to shape it before the next SHTF.

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  • Mitch March 8, 2016, 7:50 am

    To assume what it’d be like aside from crap-storm after crap-storm, after more crap-storms (I don’t know if kids read these so I’m not spelling out the proverbial that is to hit the fan) is an impossible task.
    It’d be like trying to nail water to a wall.
    Ok yes there are Lebanese and Bosnian civil war survivors who will tell you what it’s like, but even between the two countries and all of the survivors, every single survival story will be different aside from the crappiness of day to day living and how terrible it can become.

    Good article.

  • Roger March 8, 2016, 9:27 pm

    Some SHTF events would be a TEOTWAWKI event as well, such as a large asteroid striking the earth (AGAIN, remember the dinosaurs)! End result; we’re all dead! Remember, the Earth (or even life) doesn’t need us, but we couldn’t survive without it! Within the realm of things we can do to survive and hopefully thrive, individuals or more likely small, tight-knit groups have a much better chance than countries or cities because these are fragile constructs. Do you think that a civil war is impossible in the USA; look what happens when even one of the ‘services’ like trash pick-up is disrupted even short-term in cities. Or, when even a perceived slight (especially racially based) is used as an excuse to riot and loot en mass! So many of us have fallen ‘victim’ to PC (political correctness), the bane of free thought. For example, just look at the previous comment by Mitch, he won’t even type out the word SHIT! Would typing the words ‘fuck’ or ‘nigger’ cause him to have a stroke! Not picking on you Mitch, just illustrating how pervasive PC has become! I have been to several ‘poor’ countries, which usually means that the common folk are very poor, not the so-called leadership. And yes, many struggle day-to-day but the vast majority survive. This country may not be a Utopia, but it’s pretty damn good compared to many others! Enjoy it while you can, the things you take for granted usually don’t last! GLAHP!

  • KEVIN March 14, 2016, 11:42 am

    would AMERICANS survive yeah they would .would the country thats a nother story with the present admin in place we would end up under martial law in less than 72 hours with all the right we hold so dearly GONE for god knows how long if not for ever im afraid there would be full civil war within a matter of months or less
    things being as they are right now im afraid the country would end up balkinized with there being about 3 or more places ending up splitting off from the country

    • BamaMan March 14, 2016, 2:21 pm

      i might take the gun rack southeastern, mid and mountain west states to be “balkinized” or as some might theorize, to be “liberated” from the east and west coasters.

  • BamaMan March 15, 2016, 5:11 pm

    I am not a “guerrilla warfare” arm chair commando in training but those who think the government would squash down a resistance must not have been watching Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Vietnam, etc….. Our government is really good at fighting the “fair fight” and by fair I mean the one that fits their model of war but really sucks at doing what it takes to win. Last time it happened was when Sherman burned his way from Atlanta to Savannah or when Jackson moved the Indians out of the Southeast.

  • Roger March 15, 2016, 8:42 pm

    If you don’t like my comment, then just delete it; apparently PC does rule!

    • irishdutchuncle March 15, 2016, 11:41 pm

      … if they print my comments, they’ll print just about anything. be patient, it’s probably just stuck in the spam filter. (as long as you aren’t trying to incite murder, riot, etc.)

  • Taxdn2poverty March 21, 2016, 5:48 am

    Speaking of a dirty bomb taking out a city: I don’t know if it is on the national news or not, but down here in Texas our Game Wardens have been issued radiological detection equipment in an attempt to find dirty bomb material or an actual nuke that may be crossing our border. They are, as we speak, scouring the border, coastal waterways, inlets, and rivers. Just let’n u know. thanks

  • sirlancelot March 24, 2016, 10:28 am

    Not sure what TEOTWAWKI might look like. Read one article and it suggested we are already in the throws of a collapse. “Boiling Frog” and all that.

    But since the USA is so huge and there are cities teeming with the welfare parasites things could go very wrong indeed.

    What’s left over once the initial mayhem subsides would most likely be pretty bleak.

    IF the government could restore order it might look like Argentina. The large cities would get the resources and the countryside would be left to bandits.

    One blogger wrote his experiences about just such a collapse, but stopped following when he advocated welcoming the invading muslim horde to Europe.

    Until we are really prepared to fight the terrorists with the same ruthlessness they show for non-muslims i fear the USA and Europe will continue to lose it’s citizens to the savages and risk these animals taking down our way of life.


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