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To help alleviate the workload associated with writing/maintaining a blog that’s updated with original content 5 days a week, I’m getting a little help. UK Mike has written a number of posts for me, and now Jarhead Survivor will help write posts. These characters complement SHTF Blog well, because they offer a different perspective. The help of others ensures I don’t get blogger burnout, get more time for other things in my busy life and ultimately helps ensure SHTF Blog’s …. survival ….

Welcome Jarhead.


I have been interested in prepping for a few years now, but have always liked practicing survival techniques.  Ever since I was young the forest in all seasons – especiallyjarhead winter – has held an attraction for me.  I can remember carefully hiking up a frozen river here in Maine when I was just 12 years old carrying a small backpack my parents got me for Christmas and looking for a place to set up a camp and cook my hotdogs.

Since then I’ve spent time in the Marines all around the world.  The most memorable place I camped out was in Norway up above the arctic circle.  I thought I knew what a lot of snow looked like until I went up there and camped out in the wilderness for a month.  After that experience I knew what snow was!

The prepper movement snuck on me.  Before I became fully aware of what it was I thought a lot about being ready for things like power outages from storms and did some thinking about what would happen if… (name the disaster).  Most people in Maine are usually set for a few days of darkness, so this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  I was talking to a friend one day a year or two before the huge economic mess in ‘09 and he was talking about the economy, peak oil, and social collapse.  I was instantly hooked.  I’d never been able to give a name to what it was that made me uneasy, but from the various rumblings I’d heard in the news there was something making me wary.  Now I was able to put a name to it.

I read voraciously for a year and figured out some things about preppers:

  1. There are all manner of preppers out there from those who stock a few extra batteries just in case the power goes out to those who own a mountain retreat with machine guns and are just waiting for civilization to break down.
  2. A lot of preppers like to read about survival skills, but rarely practice them.
  3. Most people who prep are rational human beings with a sense that there is some kind of trouble brewing and they want to be ready for it.  Not just be ready to survive, but survive in style.
  4. All preppers believe something is going to happen, but there is some disagreement about the degree of the coming event.
  5. Some people actively prep while others will wait for the first signal that something is going wrong because they don’t quite believe in the whole thing..  My personal belief is that if you stock up now you won’t have to worry about the lines when TSHTF or maybe not getting what you need at all.
  6. Some people think that when the time comes to bug out during the zombie apocalypse they’re going to grab their bugout bags and hit the woods.  Others think this is a delusion and that bugout bags are unnecessary and that most situations will call for a “bug-in.”

There are as many different theories as there are people and I think that most of them have an element of “rightness” about them, for lack of a better word and I hope to explore a lot of these issues.  Like all of you I have made my preps and have some ideas about the kind of cultural change that approaches.

I’m also a gear head.  When I’m camping/hiking/climbing/snowshoeing/mountaineering/ or scuba diving I’m always trying out new gear.  If anybody out there has an interest in something let me know and I’ll test it for you if I can get my hands on it.

Jarhead Survivor

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