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The Power Went Out And I Couldn't Write a Post

Hi Everybody.
Well, the power went out for Ol’ Jarhead Survivor on Sunday and the post I started for today didn’t get finished.
But I learned a lot of things this weekend about my SHTF plan for when the power goes out.  I’ll write up an after action report for Friday and let you know the major holes and what I’m going to do to fix them, but for now here’s one glaring error that I didn’t catch with all my planning.  My generator won’t run the pellet stove!!!!!
I had a back up plan for staying warm of course, but that was a huge hole I didn’t see before.  (It’s a new generator.)
For today I’d like to hear from you.  If you’re in the same boat let me know how your SHTF power plans are working out.  How’s your food?  Water?  Family morale?
Or if you’d like to comment about your plans in the past – for any event – not working out, what was it and how did you fix it?
Let me hear from you, People!
-Jarhead Survivor
BTW – Happy Halloween!

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