The Prepper Learning Curve

prepare_SWOT-2Often in the process of reading and studying prepper and survival information the terminology can often seem to get confusing.  It is part of the prepper learning process.  For the newbie prepper this can be very confusing until enough knowledge is acquired to sort it all out.  It would be great if somebody would develop a prepping dictionary or encyclopedia, but, as far as I know, there are none yet.  

By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

But until then, it is up to each of us to learn to decipher the value of all the prepping material available within this World Wide Web in which we exist.   We must then cull out the information that is much more melodramatic than useful — like much of the mainstream media news.

Initiate the Learning Curve

survival_book_bunker_military_survival_army_sasAs they say, knowledge is power, and if you are just starting down the pathway to becoming a survival prepper, then the road can be long, narrow, rocky, and full of potholes.  Early on, you have to learn to navigate through all the available information portals out there.  There is a ton of useful, practical, and insightful knowledge to acquire.  This is required to achieve a full understanding of what needs to be learned about prepping and survival.  It is the first step among many, many more in this long journey you have decided to undertake.  

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Survival information is available from many sources.  All you have to do is glance down the bookshelves The Answer Water Bottle Filtration Solution 300x250at a well-stocked bookstore to see what is already available in print.  The subjects vary widely from philosophical discussions to skills books, to hard core how-to books on every possible topic related to surviving.  Building a good, thorough library of survival topic books will return back many times the value of the investment.  

Consider too, many of the government and specifically military training manuals on many subjects commonly taught to members of the armed services.  Generally speaking, the basic training manuals offer top quality information, though some of it may be somewhat dated in comparison to today’s technologies.   However, basic survival information changes little in terms of skills development.  How to build a camping fire or survival shelter does not change much.  All of these basic essential prepping skills need to be learned though.  

A ton of survival information is also available through instructional videos, and CDs.  You can find out how to do about anything in the world by searching Youtube sources for presentations and backyard craftsmen doing this or that.  Live seminars and demonstrations at outdoor stores, craft fairs, and educational institutions should also be researched and attended.  

Of course, the Internet is jam packed with survival sites that present unending quantities of prepper information as well.  To get started down this route to open these doors, just perform a Google search on any number of survival or prepper related subject topics.  Your computer will subsequently explode.  

survival_book_bunker_woodlore_wisdom_game_processingYou will uncover more information sources than you can likely handle at least in the short term.  Find a few sites that look credible then check them out over an extended period to see if the information is accurate and reliable.  Try out their suggestions to see if they in work.  Then, continue to search even more topics to build your own “favorites” lists.  In this way you more or less create your own survival-prepper library.  But remember these sources are contingent upon the power grid remaining intact.  So, retain many hard copies.  

Sources of Reliable Prepper Info

fullsizerender_7Over time you begin to catalog a number of source resources that you will tend to count on.  Lock down these sites, manuals or books for continued reference.  While a published source like a book may become rather static, web sites are constantly changing and presenting new and updated information, news flashes, fresh political insights, and other pertinent data and resource information.  Knowing trends in political action, social unrest, and even changing weather patterns can yield valuable updates.  

Likewise you somehow came to land on our web sites of Survival Cache and SHTF Blog.  We’re certainly confident that the information found on our sites is fully researched and as accurate as the information available to us.  We also put out a lot of inquiry information seeking reader input, because we are not the sole sources of all survival information nor do we possess the end all experiences of everything survivalist.  We value your feedback, too.  That is what makes our sites even more valuable to ramp up preppers and to veteran survival enthusiasts alike.  

shtf_survival_cache_shtfblog_windham_weaponry_308_ar10_r18fsfsm-308_aimpoint_comp_ml3_outdoors_midwest_industriesLikewise our product reviews come from firsthand experience.  That does not always mean we hiked to the heights of the Himalayas to test a pair of socks, but our site writers spend considerable time in the fields and woods of the world actually working with the gear and equipment we comment on.  If something is no good, we say so, or otherwise you would never see the item reviewed here.  We try our best to protect and advise our readership.  

We also present thought provoking articles on a wide variety of subjects, often controversial and sometimes highly opinionated.  We approach theoretical topics, speculations, the psychology and politics of prepping and SHTF survival.  These are all parts of the complex prepping puzzle.  

As with any source of information though, it is your responsibility to wade through the swamp without getting snake bitten.  The best approach is to trust, but verify.  Don’t take anything you read at face value until you cross reference it with other sources just to be certain.  I mean your survival and life may well depend on it.  

The Magazine Rack Sources

book_shelfThe next time you have time at a well-stocked bookstore or even the grocery store, cruise by the magazine rack.  It is in vogue these days for a variety of media sources to be producing slick magazines covering all kinds of approaches to survival, preparedness, survival weapons and all the related subjects.  Make certain such publications fit your needs.  Many of them seem to take on an almost mercenary approach to survival, not the usual tone for everyday types of SHTF the common person faces.  You be the judge.  

Take from such sources what information you can use, especially presentations on products.  If you can afford $500 pocket knives and $6,000 survival bang-bangs, good for you.  Maybe you have an extra $150,000 for a converted military vehicle made into a doomsday escape ride.  In contrast though, look for practical products, reasonably priced that could be a real useful tool to add to your gear list or BOB.  

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Whatever sources you purview, be certain to “vet” them like congress does a new Supreme Court epic banner 250x250 evolution of portable water filtrationnominee.  Do not take for granted that any particular source is valid, much less the information they present.  Check for credentials, biographies, backgrounds, and experiences.  

Remember, too, that every experienced prepper source offering information, skills explanations, or how-to instructions does not have to come from a Navy Seal, Delta Force, Black Ops, or trained by yet any other cloak and dagger outfit.  By contrast, I have learned a lot of things from Boy Scouts, and years of plain old realistic experiences while camping or hunting.  

The prepper learning curve never flattens out regardless of time or experience.  It is indeed a lifelong learning process.  But to ride to the end of the tunnel, you have to jump on the train.  Consume all the information you can, study it, test it, practice it, and live it.  Then if a real SHTF situation arises, you will be at your prep best to survive it.  Trust me, the enlightenment is worth the travel.


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  • irishdutchuncle April 11, 2017, 3:37 am

    yeh, Doc, the Boy Scout Handbook (pre 1970) belongs on any survivalists bookshelf.
    Morally Straight, Mentally Awake and Physically Strong.

  • PITA45 April 11, 2017, 10:37 pm

    Very good! What you had to say was very informing! At least to me!!! I have found that the newer Survival magazines hash over the same thing. Sometimes by the same author! I know they have to feed their family’s! Way to many years ago I bought “SURVIVAL GUIDE” Which was all so know as THE AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE” and a few other names! At that time no inter net and few to any other survival magazines!!!
    One of my first book was the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICAN hand book. I would fine them at yard sale as well as Flea Market! Got different years issued! Is this the end all of survival guide, No, but I can hand this to a novice. Who need some where to start!!!
    This can help them get that solid start!!!
    I’m dating myself, But Mel Tappan was another source of information. His book “SURVIVAL GUNS” as well as his letters and articles is said survival magazines. Gave us useful information as well as ideas we could work form. To make them work for us!!!
    A lot has changed sense then. As you say the inter net is a wash in good as will as poor information!!! Let the buyer beware!!!
    And in closing, Thanks for taking US along!!!

    PITA45 “Always Be Prepared” It sure can not hurt!!!

  • Joshua Tall April 24, 2017, 3:24 pm

    An often overlooked book, that I always have with me is “The Art of Shen-Ku” By Zeek. I know it sounds weird, but believe me, this book has it all: How to make shelters, how to start fires, snare and trap setting. Even chapters on martial arts, herbology, and how to sail…I mean every thing. Its a huge yellow book, can’t miss it.

    • neil johnsen August 17, 2017, 3:20 pm

      Joshua That’s the yellow pages !


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