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Top 7 Items for DIY Home and Body Cleaning

The New Year always makes me want to clean the house. Fresh start, clean slate, all that jazz. I don’t want to spend a fortune on fancy cleaners that won’t kill me, and I’m not going to cheap out and buy stuff that will aggravate my asthma. My solution is to largely make my own cleaning supplies. I’ve posted before about my DIY Body Care. I’m equally low tech when it comes to a dirty kitchen sink.  Here are 10 of my top picks to have on hand to whip up a whole host of useful cleaning agents.


Vinegar – Yea, it’s stinky, and not very sexy. But, it does come in bulk at the store. It can even be made if you have the right type of container, some waste fruit and some patience. Apple Cider Vinegar is good as a hair rinse, and a face tonic. Regular old white vinegar works well on grimy sinks and drains.

Baking Soda – Useful in baking of course, this powder can do some amazing things to your cleaning routines. It can scrub a sink clean when used as a paste. Don’t stop there, ovens, counter tops and floor can all be cleaned with it. It can be used as an antacid and a deodorant. It can be used to put out small kitchen fires.  Make a sports drink by mixing it with boiled water, salt, and Kool-Aid.

Corn Starch – This is one I keep around as a dampness absorber. Armpits, groin, feet, baby bottoms. What ever you’re mixing up, reach for the corn starch to absorb wetness.

Herbs – Scent can be soothing, especially if the cleaner is a daily ritual. There are bulk herb suppliers out there, I like  Mountain Rose Herbs. Ground up in a mortar and pestle they can be added to most concoctions in your favorite combinations. 

Lemons – Or other citrus, the oils in their rinds are both scented and beneficial in cleaning. They can remove scents from cutting boards and fridges. They can brighten aluminum. Lemon juice can lighten hair and skin naturally.

 Salts – Epsom and sea salt and even regular table salt can be helpful for scrubbing. Epsom salts are great for tomato plants, and great for soaking sore feet. Sea salt can make a gentle cleanser for piercings and mouth cuts.

Dr Bronson’s soap – This is another great multi-use item. There are DIY recipes for everything from dish soap to mopping soap to laundry soap using Dr Bronson’s.


What about you? What do you keep around for DIY cleaning and grooming?

You never know when 3 weeks of snow and ice will keep you trapped at home. Be prapared to keep things clean. DIY is the way to go. Shout out in the comments if you have a favorite recipe.

– Calamity Jane


8 thoughts on “Top 7 Items for DIY Home and Body Cleaning

  1. Witch Hazel is an excellent facial toner and antiseptic. Has lots of other uses as well. A great multi purpose product to have around.

    Another is coconut oil. Of course it can be used in cooking, but I like it for a hair mask and skin moisturizer. Also can be used as a lubricant, like WD40 or for more “delicate” needs. I have seen lists with well over 50 uses!

    Baking soda is the very best though. I use it every other day as a gentle exfoliator in the shower (face and armpits! Then I follow up with coconut oil in the armpits after the shower and they are as soft and silky as my legs!) then of course the million cleaning and medicinal applications…

  2. Pine sol and ammonia have many useful cleaning applications. They are also inexpensive to stock up on.
    I use 1/4 cup of each, put in a 32 oz. spray bottle and fill with water. Makes a very good spray cleaner for a multitude of uses.

  3. At your big box home store look for a spill kit for cleaning up paint, oil and other larger spills. Try sawdust for messy spills from oil and animal residues to almost anything wet and/or sticky. Kerosene and kitty litter will clean up dirty garage floors or parking spots. Use the kerosene first with a stiff brush scrubbing really good then spread the kitty litter sufficiently to soak it all up and more. Let it stay on until it is dry push it around a little working it in.

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