Using All Your Storage Food

We’re getting to the part of winter when the fresh food stores from fall are starting to go bad and/or get used up. It takes money and effort to build up stores, it makes no sense to let stuff go to waste, not if you can avoid or mitigate the loss.

Keep eyes on the food.  Every couple of weeks, (depending on the size of your stores and storage conditions) give everything a good going through.  This is more vital with some crops than it is with others.  Potatoes and apples both have a lot of water, and when they go bad they can take entire baskets of good food with them. Carrots on the other hand, or garlic, they just sort of shrivel up and get musty.  Totally dead and inedible, but not as immediately dangerous to the surrounding storage food. Just make a habit of checking through everything and pulling out the mouldy or dying.

Keep the food accessible. A giant crate of sweet potatoes isn’t going to do you as much good if it’s at the bottom of a ladder on the other side of the house.  With some of my stores I will keep the main bulk down in the cold basement, and bring a small selection up every week or so to live in the kitchen. Apples and garlic and onions work well with that system, I use a fairly stable amount of those every week.

USE THINGS UP! I catch myself sometimes trying to save the last head or two of garlic, thinking I’ll want to roast the last head so I can spread it on bread and worship it. What usually seems to happen when I try to save the last of anything is it just goes bad before I get around to that perfect goodbye meal.  Booo… So, I try to avoid that trap, and finish up the food when it’s time to finish it up.

Don’t be so picky. I have to push hubby on this one, he’ll toss things out for what I would consider cosmetic issues. :-D Stews, soups, casseroles, these are all your friends for using up the not-so-pretty bits of stored food. I made up a Dutch Oven full of great lamb stew this past weekend, and used up the last of my red potatoes, the last of my carrots (I had one that would have won one of those Rude Vegetable contests. :-D ) and the second to last garlic clove. The carrots were way beyond what I would put in a salad or stir fry, but slow cooked to lamb-soaked goodness, nobody would even guess that they had started out a little lack-lustre.

I’m sure you all checked on your food stores first thing this year.

Well, you can go do it now and I won’t tell.  Don’t forget to replenish what was used up in the holiday bustle. Prep smarter folks, don’t throw your money away, that way you can buy more cool gear, or SHTF coffee mugs.

– Calamity Jane

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  • JL January 17, 2013, 5:13 pm

    I just made French onion soup from onions that were on their last leg. I check my cans also on a regular basis to make sure they get used. I lost a bunch of cake mixes by not keeping an eye on the date.

  • eddy1 January 17, 2013, 5:54 pm

    you know when the shtf has hit or is in the wworks when you start to see wre home and coutry we call home call the new world china. many from us are going to figth for what we feel is rigth but at the end of the day the great usa and his not fit new world slave runer will find a way to break us all apart things are going to start to fall where they want it to. they will replace all the ppl in high power like the County Sheriff’s and many more ppl what we need is to stay together in this loing war that is going to take place soon. we need to talk a good game and come together as a ground that we are and start looking out for one anther. it all start’s with us preppers we need to work together on trying to bring all of us together and not allow the ones that want us gone to get the upper hand. i for one had been working on perppering for many years but have never see where we stand for each other. evry time i hear about where one of us has lost every thing we have to the great usa’ but where are we for each other. maany ppl i know call a good game but when shtf hits they walk the other way with there tails in between their leg like a lost puppy. how can one call them self a perpper when we don’t stand for the rigths that we each have. we have allow the place you call home to be taken over by the ones you call the govtment. we have three things that they can’t take from us wich is soul’ skill, and will to figth. but they are finds ways to take that away fom us. i must ask many of you why do you think we found the place we call home many yaers ago do you think for a monet that it is for rulers and lords but for what we out of all country have which is were freedom and rigths many have lost theirs life for what we have to allow a man thats not from this country to come and take but its were fault and not his for he blind to in to seeing what so many of you didn’t want to see which is a new strat at life and hope for one anther. so many ppl lost touch with what going that they can’t see pass another day. the time starts now not in days but now we must all bring one another together and start a new home if not for us but for your kids and their kids. we must under stand that with out each other where do we stand the long wolf never makes in the wild. no dose the blink wolf if you call your self a perper then tell your next to tell the next. to come together for we are in this together. it all has to strat some where i know that i’m not the smarts one but when it come to my freedom and my love one i will with all that is in me i will stand for some thing and figth for all of my brother but not with hate. for it is not their fault for they do not know what they do.

    • irishdutchuncle January 18, 2013, 2:12 am

      eddy1, the problem is that we can’t trust our neighbors.
      We are not murderers. We can’t act to preempt the SHTF event, we can only try to be ready when it gets to our doors.(and hope that it doesn’t) you do need to stand for something, because we all are facing long odds. it will take real backbone to get through what’s coming.

      prepping is self defense.


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