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Warrantless Searches

Folks, kiss all privacy good bye. Warrantless searches are now the normal. Apparently we’re supposed to give up every last freedom we thought we had the right to.  Protesting of course has been illegal for some time now, one must get permits and permit to being corralled into “Freedom Zones.” Filming the militarized police in their random acts of brutality will likely earn you some jail time. And every level of that police force feels like they have an obligation to invade our privacy and search every last citizen they can.

Of course, the cynical minded might think that more searches means more seizures. More seizures means more revenue in confiscated and seized property. And budgets are tight, especially when Uncle Chief is sure he needs a giant  Bearcat SWAT vehicle for the squad this year.  But don’t mind me I’m just feeling cynical minded today. Where was I? Oh yea, warrantless searches.

Traveling is where they’ll get you, I’ve noticed that one on the rise. Random check points in transit hubs. Bus line hubs, subway hubs. They just set up a barricade, some signs with legalese and listing of fines, flash their badges and guns and bob’s your uncle it’s a random check point! Papers please! They’ll look through anything you’re carrying, without anything like probable cause.

Heaven forbid you go anywhere near the militarized zone that is our Southern border. Random checkpoints within an hour of the border, doing nothing but stopping every car on the highway and without warrant or probable cause, questioning and searching every person on that highway. Actually trying to cross the border could earn you a cavity search. TSAluggageNote

And if they find anything in any of these warrantless searches? Well, that’s just a convenient way to get you into court where they can start milking you for fees and fines. Which, by the way are rapidly becoming the leading cause of repeating jail time. Court fines and fees get sent to collection agencies who tack on more fees, the interest rates can be in the double digits. And all you have to do is miss a payment and you get a no-expenses paid trip to jail, where they’ll add on room and board to your total.

So, if you want to stay out of debtors jail, and if you want to avoid warrantless search and seizures.. well, I don’t really know. I’d say stay home, but they can get you there too.  I kinda just feel like we’re getting screwed on this one. How do the police officers justify this shit to themselves? You could move up here to the upper midwest, we have to go to an airport or the state capital to see the police state in action, the rest of the place is so spread out, there’s nothing much else that can be considered a ‘hub’ of anything.  I’m open to other suggestions, but I’m guessing there aren’t many out there. Get beyond their reach, or consign yourself to living in their tightening fist. Anybody had a run in lately? Or tips for dealing with the police state? Shout out in the comments!

  • Jennie Erwin

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