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Washington State Prepper Profile – Thoughts Wanted

Readers, often newer readers, contact me once in a while asking for advice on their particular preparedness/survival scenario. Sometimes their questions are precise, other times they’re more open ended and general. Sometimes I ask their permission to use their scenario as part of a blog post, as part of a …. PREPPER – PROFILE! Yeah, baby!

by Derrick James

Today’s Prepper Profile comes to us straight outta …. THIS STATE:

Random Washington State Anonymous and Aspiring Survival Samurai writes:

I am a new prepper and I find your blog invaluable. We have a 6 month food supply and my hubs handles all the guns and ammo (I don’t know how much we have, but it’s a lot). We recently moved to the country with our two young children.

We are renting a home in a small retirement/summer vacation community. About 10 miles away there is a city filled with people living off of food stamps and lots of government handouts. Half the population are migrant workers from another country. They come and go, but several thousand stay throughout the year. There is a real difference between rich and poor in these two communities: the city and the retirement community.

Should we live in the community of which we have several good friends with similar thoughts of SHTF or move out to a 5 acre lot much more isolated?

People are either young, wealthy and ill prepared (the seasonal folks) or are extremely prepared, but old (the year-rounders). The retirement community is less than a 10 minute walk away from the river while the 5 acres are several miles away from a natural water source. The 5 acres is closer to the city. The retirement community is farther away, but everyone knows there is wealth in there. In the retirement community we are not allowed chickens, but we can have a garden whereas the 5 acres we could have and grow pretty much anything. One last note, hypothetically speaking, say one member of the family works in law enforcement and routinely arrests within the communities.

Thanks for the comment, Random Washington State Anonymous and Aspiring Survival Samurai. Your question is not an easy one to answer, and it’s why I’ve brought it to the SHTF Blog reading masses, to help me help, to help .. wait for it .. each other – “Awwww! Group hug everyone!”

*bear hug*

I guess my first question would what is it you’re planning to prepare for? Based on how you’ve structured the question, I’m inclined to think you’re asking about a “true” survival type scenario where unprepared city dwelling zombies invade the countryside looking for whatever they can get to help them survive – yes? If I operate from that perspective, I’m inclined to favor the 5 acre parcel. I say that only because you can then have more liberties in terms of what you can grow/keep on your land. You’d also not be part of what will clearly be a targeted community WTSHTF.

Being more isolated has its pros and cons, however. A more isolated 5 acre parcel of land with a nice garden and chickens near a large, unprepared city won’t be isolated for long. Without an ability to rally people around you when the zombies invade, you’d have a hard time making a go of it unless you and your family could just *poof* up and disappear, go underground for 6 months or something. If you have like-minded people where you’re living in the retirement community, that could go a long ways. You could then collectively prepare, Holding Your Ground style.

I’m probably not answering your question very well. There are other ways to think about it. What scenario puts more monthly money in your pocket to increase savings or reduce debt? What location makes you feel happier? What feels right from a non-prepper perspective?

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