Why Be Subjected to Ridicule by Appearing on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers

Remember my National Geographic Doomsday Preppers Pre-screening Review post? One participant in the show wrote to me with a lengthy email that I then asked to be used as a guest post. Enter Dennis Evers, who was recently featured on the show. The show’s producer notes (quote and image source):

“Dennis has a big family. And when I say a big family, I mean A REALLY BIG family. With 11 children, and a growing army of grandchildren, he’s been a prepper for years now—before he even knew he was prepping—because you need to store a lot of food to feed an army of kids.

– Ranger Man


When “Doomsday Preppers” contacted me and asked if I would be willing to put my family on their show I was reluctant, but it was put up or shut up time. As a former police chief, I’ve written for years in my spare time (when I’m not building signals) about disaster preparedness and recovery, terrorism and business continuity for some of the most prestigious security, business and government oriented publications in the US; most of them on assignment. My emergency response book has sold over 160,000 copies globally to police, fire, the Secret Service, all branches of the military and government, and is used by numerous Fortune 500’s as an emergency SOP. How could I turn down the opportunity to preach preparedness to a national audience?

One concern I had was that they would do things like call our gateless property that has “welcome” signs hung about, a “compound”, or take other “dramatic license”. Granted, they did stage some scenes to “spice things up” but after all, it is TV and it is entertainment and quite frankly, preparing is boring.

We are not prepared for doomsday; I simply advocate being prepared for any type of crisis that might affect my family. Act of God or act of man, their safety is paramount. If people wish to put the survival of their loved ones in the hands of corrupt, dysfunctional, self-serving political and financial systems that has each taxpayer owing $135,732.00 (as of 2/11/12) that’s their right (source http://www.usdebtclock.org/).

Our preparedness has allowed us to ride out several snow storms and power outages without a hiccup. When a massive forest fire encroached, we took in families and livestock because we were prepared, not for doomsday, but for fire. Our grass was green and mowed, with a huge safety buffer and portable water tank, pump and hose. Those that didn’t have basic disaster prep in the form of a defensible space fire plan lost their houses because it always happened to “someone else”.

As far as my kids go, they are taught skill for life, not disaster skills. Things like how to change their oil, starter, brake pads, how to do some basic wood and metal working so they can build things. My girls all know how to completely service their vehicles bumper to bumper because it saves money, helps insure that some unscrupulous mechanic won’t be able to take advantage of them, and might get them safely home if their car breaks down.

I am not a tree-bark eating, live-in-a cave type of guy. I simply believe in the Boy Scout motto, and feel that the onus of survival rests squarely on our shoulders. Look at all the people sitting on roofs post-Katrina that didn’t have the foresight to take food and water up there after they pooh-poohed numerous warnings to evacuate. We have a totally oblivious generation whose entire existence is “i” toys, worshipping vacuous celebrities and brawling over sneakers.

As far as security goes, there are no guarantees whatsoever in life so we will continue to simply keep an eye peeled and trust in God alone.

I’ve had some pretty wild things flung at me for being on the show, (and as a cop) but one thing about age is the older you get, the less you care about what other people think. If TSHTF and I weren’t prepared, I couldn’t face my family.

If anyone saw the show and realized that they should invest in some basic prepping, that’s great and it was worth it. A family that has a one or two month’s supply of food and water will be less of a burden (and a threat) on an already over-taxed emergency response system. If they want to take it further, good for them. For those of you that think we’re nuts, you’re absolutely entitled. Just be sure you enjoy the Kool Aid.

I can be reached at www.howtohandleacrisis.com.

Dennis Evers

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  • AilimD'SilverFir February 15, 2012, 8:29 am

    I have not had a chance to see the episode yet, I don’t have cable/satalite, one less bill to pay, but I do agree with Dennis, in prepping for a crisis, not necessarly for the end of the world, so what he has done makes sence. And so agreeing to be on tv is not such a bad thing, if his goal of encouraging even a few “civilians” to become better prepared. If I were really creating a Bug Out location, I would never have allowed it to be broad casted simply to protect my location, but Dennis has not shared intentions of Bugging Out, he only plans on being prepared for (I’m going to say minor don’t shoot me) minor disastors. Not full blown EOTWAWKI situations.

  • irishdutchuncle February 15, 2012, 8:41 am

    since his appearance on the show, Tennessee prepper David Sarti, has been declared mentally ill, and had his weapons siezed.

    he’s been described as a “character”…

    that description could probably be used for many of us too. take care Dennis, i hope your good deed doesn’t get you punished.

  • Carolyn February 15, 2012, 9:06 am

    I applaud Dennis, he’s got a lot of guts going on t.v. Being prepared is a good thing, and knowing television producers want to add sensationalism to everything is a form of being prepared too. Being prepared to be shown in a negative light. Kudos to Dennis for being brave enough to go on Doomsday Preppers. I agree, if one person, or one family decides to do something, even just prepare for two weeks off the grid, then Dennis’ example will have done some good.

  • Templar February 15, 2012, 9:10 am

    Going on national T.V. vs. just being a prepper is akin to the difference between open carry & concealed carry. The operative word in concealed carry is CONCEALED. Why advertise for attention & trouble? We’re all preppers– but only my family & closest friends need to have that pointed out to them. Be discreet, unless you’re really starved for attention.

  • Spook45 February 15, 2012, 10:24 am

    This is an OPSEC SNAFU!! In your local area, there are probly dozens of ZOMBIES already plotting on what you have because they are too lazy, stupid, or inept to prepare for themselves. Going on a show like this is just asking for trouble and as you can see, DAVE has already gotten a dose Discretion is the word here people. OPSEC is where its at.

  • country girl February 15, 2012, 10:44 am

    They were looking for drama and maybe a little comedy at the preppers expense. It was a mistake to go on the show. I give it a month before they start conflating us all with the militia and the mythical white supremacist. I’m sure it was pure coincidence that one of these “preppers” was institutionalized and had his guns confiscated.

    I believe the correct “model” to put in front of the public is one of preparing for natural events like Katrina, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, etc. Current world events are conspiring to bring us a real world “man caused disaster” but until that happens 95% of the country is blissfully unaware of the risks. Stick to the believable risks that don’t scare others into thinking you are crazy. Never mention “guns”! Sure we know the ability to protect yourself and your family is important but again the 95% who are clueless will be turned off by “gun nuts” and you lose the arguement before you even make it. I prefer the Mormon model where good god fearing people prepare to take care of their families and help others in the event they lose their job or a natural disaster makes it difficult to buy food and necessities.

  • P. February 15, 2012, 11:48 am

    An other participant to the show, Megan Hurwitt (the girl in Texas)
    also had a few things to say about the show.


    • irishdutchuncle February 15, 2012, 12:25 pm

      the camera adds ten pounds to everyone…

      that isn’t exactly a misrepresentation.

      • irishdutchuncle February 15, 2012, 12:49 pm

        …and the Deity has declared to a multitude of eye and ear witnesses that He does in fact exist. there is less rational evidence for un belief, than for belief. if you doubt that, try creating “Life” from scratch. see how successful you are.

        • Jason February 15, 2012, 2:39 pm


          I once heard this creating life probability idea from a well known Bible scholar & mathematician who used the following illustration to a “non-believing” group. He said:

          “I am going to take my wrist watch off & disassemble it right here. I’ll remove the band from the watch, the little buckle & pins, remove the crystal, take the hands off, then the face & place those items in this bag. Next. I am going to take all of the inner workings – gears, pins etc out & place all of those pieces in this same bag.

          Would you all agree that the watch is completely disassembled?” Of course they all agreed.

          Then he said ” I am going to shake this bag & continue to do so & the watch is going to reassemble itself”. He shook and shook and shook and shook until the audience started laughing. He looked at them and said “what are you laughing at? The probability of me having the watch reassemble by this method is well over a 100 million times greater than the ameba becoming human within any amount of time or age of the universe – not to mention the vast complexities & intricacies of human beings, animals & all forms of vegetation to be perfected in exact harmony.”

          Sometimes it takes a lot more faith to believe there is no God than there is to believe in a Creator.

          • sillyMe February 16, 2012, 12:34 am

            So if god created man with all those vast complexities & intracacies and it could not have happened naturally in 100 billion years then who created god? Surely with the powers you ascribe to him/her the complexities & intracacies must exceed those of man by a huge amount. Was there and Ober-god that created god? If so who created the Ober-god? Maybe an ober-ober-god . . . ad infinitum.

          • irishdutchuncle February 16, 2012, 9:07 am

            i don’t believe that organisms could even have evolved from mitosis, to sexual reproduction in that amount of time. niether matter nor energy can be created, or destroyed by any ordinary means. that is a Law. yet it’s here. the best theory that “Science” has come up with so far is the “creation event” commonly called the
            “big-bang”. even that can’t explain “Life”.

          • Jason February 16, 2012, 10:29 am

            Silly Me,

            A couple of questions first:
            How many times have you posed this argument?
            What do you (personally) really believe?

            If you believe in the Big Bang theory, how does order come from chaos?

            Example of a Big Bank type truth: a B 52 drops a 500 lb bomb on a village in North Vietnam, in the aftermath, everything moves towards order.

          • sillyMe February 16, 2012, 10:36 am

            Evolution is not a complicated or unreasonable theory. It isn’t even contrary to religious belief. The mysteries of the universe are many and deep but the mystery of evolution by comparison are easy to understand and prove. have you ever wondered why germs acquire a “resistance” to anti-biotics? Evolution. You have seen it in your lifetime. In fact it is so fast your 6 year old child has seen it in their lifetime. In the billions of years since life began there has been an enormous amount of evolution with most of it being dead ends. What we see today is a small part of all the evolution that has taken place over those years.
            The Pekingese dog that took home best of show from The 136th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was a result of a few years of breeding/evolution. Not so hard to understand.

          • irishdutchuncle February 16, 2012, 11:27 am

            athiesm is about the pinnacle of narcissistic beliefs.

            yeh, living things evolve. so what? that doesn’t explain how living things “got alive” in the first place.

          • Jason February 16, 2012, 1:08 pm

            Irish my friend – how little you know, Silly Me has a very good point …

            The Pekingese dog who took home best of show from The 136th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show originally started out as an ameba.

            Don’t laugh – this is really an exercise & exploration of tremendous faith in evolution.

            Over the course of known time, that life (ameba) which was created by an enormous cosmic explosion – never mind that it is well proven fact that 99.9999999% of all explosions end life, divided (how it did that on it’s own is another issue) then multiplied times let’s say a million (man, plants, animals, insects etc).

            It then moved into a singular “canine” direction. Divided again into, let’s say one thousand (all dog breeds including today’s wild dogs). Eventually slithered, grew legs, eyes, fur etc & avoided being trampled or killed by the other extrapolated amebas.

            Ok, time out for a quick second … how does something divide on it’s own again & again & again & again, then multiple again & again & again in very, very specific & completely different directions? I think even God would scratch His head with that puzzle. Hmmmm ….

            Anyway, let’s move on …

            Then because of the survival of the fittest theory, that eventual “dog” managed to hide out and survive in a cave (assuming China because of the dog name origin) & was not consumed by the Peking Man. There it sat in hiding and got smarter & smarter until someone tens of thousand of years later from the Ming Dynasty, discovered this cute, furry little creature & brought it home to become a work animal.

            Then Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in 1375 saw this little dog and decided to make it his court pet. Centuries & centuries of breeding caused this to eventually win a dog show.

            What’s so hard to understand? It is reasonable & uncomplicated, right?

            Now if you plug in every other known living organism on this planet into the aforementioned equation it would make sense … providing of course that time did & does not exist AND believed that out of chaos comes order. But wait, there’s more!

            There is one slight problem …. the Laws of Thermodynamics would now be false or a man-made hoax because of the basic, fundamental premise that everything tends or moves to disorder.

            Damn, I forgot something … how did this planet align itself within the perfect distance from that ball of fire called the sun, which magically appeared from the cosmic explosion & at exactly at a 23.5 % angle, then rotate at the appropriate speed & develop the environment to support ALL life? Oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, boron, iron, copper, zinc & the rest of the 30 elements that are known to support life.

            I’m getting dizzy traveling down this evolutionary path ….

            You gotta hand it to Silly Me – that is far greater faith than you & I have in believing in God as a creator.

          • sillyMe February 17, 2012, 6:20 pm

            Jason you are wound way too tight.

            The theory of evolution does not contradict religion nor should you assume that because a person believes in evolution that they are hostile to religion. I can honestly say that in my sphere of friends, relatives, coworkers and aquaintences that those who are religious are for the most part great people who would do anything for you.

            The problem comes into this when you try to make claims that cannot be supported and expect normal intelligent people to absolutely agree or they must be “haters”. You have your faith, be proud of it, but you do understand what “faith” means. You may not know that the pope put Galileo through an iquisition where he could have been executed because the church believed that the sun revolved around the earth. Galileo saved his own life by agreeing that indeed the chirch was right and the sun revolved around the earth. The pope still put Galileo on house arrest for the rest of his life. Sometimes the church is wrong. I assume you don’t still believe the sun revolves around the earth. I encourage you to accept the fact that good people do indeed believe things which conflict to the point that both cannot be right. My intent in pointing out the circular logic that you used that since life in general and man in particular is so complex that it must be created by intelligent design was illogical since it would take an even greater intelligence to create the creater and an even greater intelligence then that to create the greater intelligence ad infinitum…

          • Jason February 17, 2012, 8:21 pm


            I appreciate the patronizing, it’s pretty cute – circle logic, that’s a good one – use it, twice, then accuse another of it. Wound too tight – I love the passive/aggressive dig, it’s wonderfully sophomoric & quite amusing.

            Now before I address anything – which I promise to take it out of 2nd gear for you, why don’t you tell me exactly what you believe. I know I asked before but you seem to find some haute amusement skirting the answer. Any answer is fine with me, the more direct & specific the better … good people are at least entitled to their beliefs – yes?

            So, tell me – what exactly do you believe? Are you an atheist, agnostic, evolutionist or ?

            BTW, the Galileo story was touching but did you know that ALL 11 of the apostles did not deny that Christ was God in the flesh, after His death & His resurrection & went to their death by torture? (Judas was #12 but committed suicide for his betrayal) It’s a historical fact. Do you know what the odds of that is?

          • Ranger Man February 17, 2012, 8:28 pm

            Jason, your calling the passive/aggressive dig sophomoric makes you the perpetual sophomore. Laughable.

          • Jason February 17, 2012, 9:17 pm

            I clearly understood what I wrote & felt ‘sophomoric’ was the appropriate word to use to describe the pseudo act of intelligence – his argument is so thinly veiled. However, in light of the whole I don’t see how that makes me the perpetual sophomore but glad you found amusement.

            BTW, who invited you? ha, ha!

          • irishdutchuncle February 17, 2012, 10:13 pm

            gee, they pass PSY002 and suddenly everyone’s an expert on passive/agressive…

            i wish i had a dollar for every time i’ve gotten called that.

          • JSW February 17, 2012, 11:01 pm

            SillyMe asks, “..So if god created man with all those vast complexities & intracacies and it could not have happened naturally in 100 billion years then who created god?…”
            Obviously, Silly is very much silly in that he hasn’t thought his beliefs through from beginning to end. So, let me help him out a little.
            Being an atheist, or at the least an agnostic, Silly has proposed that ‘something had to create God’. Totally ignoring the fact that God ‘Is’, and has no predecessor, no beginning or end. He ‘Is’.
            Now, I have to ask Silly a very serious question.
            Silly, I’ll tell you who came before God if you tell me where the stuff came about to go ‘bang’ without a Creative Force or Intelligence.

          • sillyMe February 18, 2012, 12:34 pm

            I don’t feel the need to tell you what I believe. I think that was the point I was making that you are free to believe what you like but when you declare that what you believe is correct and what everyone else believes is wrong that you are asking for an arguement. You got one but you were unable to respond with anything meaningful and depend on biblical references as “proof” of something or other.

            JSW: I hope that whatever you believe in life you don’t really believe that “god just is” so no more thought or investigation is necessary. You also imply that since man does not know the answer to many basic questions about the universe that this somehow proves the existence of god. Again I would hope you are a deeper thinker then that. You believe what you believe out of faith, i.e. someone told you that repeatedly as you were growing up and now you are unwilling or unable to even consider it could be wrong. I believe in science and the scientific method and I am fully aware it has constraints and weaknesses. It isn’t perfect but clearly better then any other method man has devised to explore and understands the world and universe. I can accept that even the best scientific minds could be wrong and that tomorrow we may discover something that overturns centuries of scientific belief. What I cannot do is accept mythology as fact or believe in something because it was written down somewhere thousands of years ago. I want rational thought out answer to questions I have and if those answers contradict someone else’s orthodoxy I am unapologetic.

          • irishdutchuncle February 18, 2012, 4:30 pm


            Eugenics was mainstream science, until Hitler carried it out to its logical extreme. Watson & Crick were eugenicists. now we know about DNA. the science of DNA is still evolving, but it proves some interesting things…

            DNA science proves for example that a unique Human Life begins at the moment of conception. that’s just one very inconvenient Truth. and it is an actual scientific fact, not the junk science we’re force fed, to support the “agenda”.

            as i said at the beginning of this discussion, the Deity has claimed that he does in fact Exist. it is an overtly Revealed Truth. it is eyewitness or earwitness testimony. you do not need to accept it on “Faith” alone. disbelieve if you choose. denial is not disproof.

          • sillyMe February 18, 2012, 6:50 pm

            Irishdutchuncle: Surely you are aware of the many, many… many crimes against humanity, outright massacres and holocausts committed by religion or in the name of religions. Considering this history I would say trying to link science to some wrong done by man as proof of the superiority of religion would be a tactical mistake in your arguement.

            “the Deity has claimed that he does in fact Exist”. Oh really! When?

          • Jason February 19, 2012, 1:11 am


            Fair enough & can appreciate the sensitivity to an argument. While not feeling the importance to not say what your position/belief is, this gives you an advantage, albeit extremely weak, by being evasive & take shots at others attempting to understand or worse, assuming something about your beliefs … so why engage at all?

            However, if you are ready to discuss concrete answers about God & would like to run any hypothesis or more fact based historical evidence including, any publications you ascribe to that disproves the Bible & or the Deity as per the Christian viewpoint, I am game. There are no rules for you & you can bring anything you like to the table to discuss.

            And yes, your distractive little point regarding “evolution” of course has validity & is accepted by all Christian scholars but only as you inferred i.e. super antibiotic resistant virus strains etc. It was a cute little attempt to get under the skin of Christians with which, I suspect you take some joy. However, bridging that to an explanation as to the origin of life or the creation of the universe doesn’t wash & I am happy to prove it.

            Next, most people whom object to the “claims” of the Bible have not actually delved into & truly studied the document to see if it is true or false which again, I would guess you have not done so, at least with any objectivity.

            Sometimes “their” suppositions are based upon other’s research, speculations or a myriad of other superstitious beliefs. I am delighted to see that you are more interested in seeing the truth in your own terms but are you game to put your beliefs to the test as am I?

            Not that you’d care but world renowned & hard bitten atheists/agnostics & highly educated individuals such as CS Lewis, Chuck Colson, Lee Strobel, & Josh McDowell actually dug in and was hell-bent, as it were, to disprove the Bible from most every angle.

            They were sure it was false or a myth in fact, CS Lewis played a game like you but on a far higher level, with his close friend J.R.R. Tolkien for many years. Scoff, cajole, mock, defend a no God universe & more until one day he decided to up his game by studying the Bible to twist & disprove the truths on his friend.

            Like the aforementioned, the deeper he (they) searched & dug, the greater the truth revealed itself & in ALL cases became Christians. That can be a scary thought to eliminate something you are heavily invested in.

            Here is something intelligent people understand – they don’t know what they don’t know or as Dr. R.D. Laing put it:

            “The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.”

            Lastly & probably the biggest question is, are you open to a possibility that God is real & the Bible is factual & historically accurate? I would go you even one further – I’d be willing to drop my Christian beliefs if you could prove otherwise.

            This is my email address – 12flet@gmail.com & out of respect to this blog, I won’t carry it further in this forum.

            That’s is my best shot, ball’s in your court –

            PS & BTW,

            It’s Über-God, not Ober-God.

          • irishdutchuncle February 19, 2012, 2:08 am

            for one instance, at a small event we know of as the “Transfiguration”. at that time the Deity revealed himself, in words, and signs to three human witnesses, and claimed Christ to be His Son. on a subsequent occasion, eleven followers of Christ, holed up in a locked room, (in fear of being murdered) were simultaneously given a “Revelation” of some type. we refer to this event as the “Pentecost”. i realize, that since these events are recorded in the Christian “New Testament” that you may reject them out of hand.

            and now since i’m tired of this silly assed game, i’m packing up my keyboard and quitting this battle.
            I concede…

            your arguments have only convinced the pathologically arrogant or the feeble minded, over the centuries that you’ve been making them. i shouldn’t care, except that in rejecting the Deity: GOD, the Father of Jesus Christ, you also reject the constraints of Right and Wrong; of which He is the original Author. there is only Right and Wrong because the Deity has decreed it. There are no alternative universes (outside of a few twisted imaginations) where Right and Wrong do not apply. it isn’t something we, as creation, get to vote on. (and we accept no substitutes. it is the only “objective standard” available to us)

            If, you will not be constrained by the “Revealed Truth”, the “self evident truth”, from the Creator, you (and anyone who thinks as you do) then become a THREAT to myself and my family. You can never be trustworthy.

          • sillyMe February 19, 2012, 6:35 pm

            Jason: You are tilting at windmills. You are itching to get in a arguement with a atheist to show them how wrong they are. I am not an atheist and I’m not interested in a theological discussion. There are plenty of people who will enjoy such an arguement so maybe one of them will step up.

          • Jason February 19, 2012, 10:38 pm


            You are a person of great contradiction. You throw down challenges about who created God & encourage JSW to not walk blindly into a belief. Admonish Irish’s science assertion with facts of deaths happening in the name of religion. Sit on a high horse scoffing at the intricacies of man, dog show winners as an example of evolution.

            Then when invited to extol your seeming vast knowledge to an empty canvass, you fall back into your safety zone and play hit & run and use analogies of an imaginary enemy. You really must go back & reread what you wrote from start to finish, you might discover what you don’t know …

            One can only conclude from your comments that you do not believe in God OR believe in a God of convenience where He has a place in the universe but there other forces, possibly greater outside of Him as defined by the sillyMe’s of the world.

            Imagine a God that big reduced to a box the size of the human imagination. Honestly, I too would not want to be associated with an arrogant or weak God like that. However, it would certainly explain all of the strife in our world both past & present.

            My point of personal conversation was not to argue, attack at beliefs – what possible pleasure could I get from that without an audience? It would seem that with my style of writing that I have a high opinion of myself so why would I care to have a one on one discussion? Hmmm …..

            Rather the point was an exploration to discover truth & talk about what is unknown or as I put it – find out what I/we don’t know. All that being said, I understand why you would not want to discuss anything outside the beliefs you have so carefully assembled & defend to varying degrees – I know all too well because I was there once & in my case, I really hated to be wrong.

            Best of luck to you & the invitation remains open for as long as you wish ~

          • Ranger Man February 20, 2012, 9:13 am

            Jason, define “God” – do you mean the Christian concept of God, that Jesus healed the sick, died for our sins, etc.? Or do you mean a more global, inclusive definition of “God” that does not contradict science, but supports it? Ever read The Tao of Physics?

          • Jason February 20, 2012, 12:13 pm

            Trust me, I get the set-up & prepared something for you but will think it over before posting.

          • sillyMe February 20, 2012, 12:04 am

            Jason: Why would I want to discuss religion with you? Evolution is a really simple concept and you have decided it can’t be true because it conflicts with something you believe and you will never change. If you are unable to accept evolution then it would be useless to discuss it with you.

          • Jason February 20, 2012, 4:26 am


            Wow, you are a bit of work!

            A. Who said I wanted to discuss religion? Yuck!! You need to get clear about the difference between being “religious” & being “born again” – it is apples and oranges, obviously you don’t know because you bucket it all in the same “religious” genre.

            B. You say: “Surely with the powers you ascribe to him/her the complexities & intracacies must exceed those of man by a huge amount. Was there and Ober-god that created god? If so who created the Ober-god? Maybe an ober-ober-god . . . ad infinitum.” You brought up the subject & seems evident you want an answer … or was that one of your little party trick questions that most stumble over trying to find an answer?

            C. Once again, you don’t know what you don’t know. How do you know what my opinion of evolution is or how I even formed that opinion? Sometimes people (you) assume that one (me) backs into a negative opinion of evolution because of a newer found belief in God. Isn’t it possible that it could have been the other way around – first evolutionary beliefs, negative view of God … sound familiar?

            D. What do you fear? Is a big bad God going to force you to your knees, make you shave your head & march in unison with a plasticine smile into your local church & Lord forbid, make you give them money? Maybe your are afraid that the Charles Darwin fan club going to eliminate your membership or stop your subscription of the monthly magazine “From the Slime to the Sublime” if you talk God … << that was a joke

            Listen, you strongly believe in your evolution theory & seem to have science to back it so, it should be a snap for you present a solid, fact based case, right?

            I am really dismayed at your ability to comprehend the written word & you may be right after all – it could be a waste of time.

            However, me being a man of extreme patience & a broad base of knowledge I'll still leave it in your court & you decide if you want to find out the truth about evolution … I mean you don't know who.

        • P. February 16, 2012, 1:07 am

          The link was intended to show how the producers manipulated her story. (Her main reason to prep is hurricanes!) It was not about her religious (or lack of) beliefs!

          • irishdutchuncle February 16, 2012, 8:47 am

            i get that.

            understand this: public athiests are every bit as obnoxious as the “thumpers” they always denigrate.

          • irishdutchuncle February 17, 2012, 8:50 am

            sorry, i didn’t mean to yell at you P.

            i was annoyed with the “foxhole-athiest” link, and the condescending tone that athiests frequently take toward people of faith.

          • Jason February 18, 2012, 4:17 am

            Atheist’s have no choice, they even condescended to Christ after He healed the sick, raised the dead & fed over 5,000.

        • Realist February 22, 2012, 4:44 am

          Your “deity” gives cancer to little children.

          Worship a monster if you like. But get off your high horse about your “morals.”

          • Jason February 22, 2012, 2:37 pm

            Quite frankly, that is a tough one to understand & I haven’t been to able to wrap my head around that one – sorry for the loss you may have experienced.

          • irishdutchuncle February 23, 2012, 8:43 am

            that charge is awfully tired, from all the use it gets. my “Deity” didn’t “give cancer” to anyone. (we no longer live in a “perfect world”. people get sick, people die).

            He did however reveal “Morality” for everyone. they aren’t “my morals”, they are the “Morals”. fortunately they are a revealed Truth, otherwise the best scientistists and philosophers would need to invent them. (they haven’t come up with anything better so far…)

  • Jason February 15, 2012, 12:57 pm

    The problem with this “show” is the obvious bias, which was set-up from the onset. You select the people you want to fit your bias & interview them by highly skilled professionals in order to lead them where you want it to go – then edit, edit, edit & add voiceover. The interviewee’s stood no chance for being portrayed as “normal”, “intelligent” or “reasonable”.

    While most would assume that the Nationalist Geographic is objective, fair & balanced, it’s all hogwash. The sit on their throne, raise an eyebrow & say between the lines “look at these prepping nuts, do you really want to be like them?” then scoff like those whom all watched Noah. (They’d have a field day with that analogy because they believe we crawled out of the slime and magically became human).

    Let me ask them (Nationalist Geographic) a couple of questions – what is fundamentally wrong with preparing for a rainy day? Some may have different definitions for a rainy day but so what, what is wrong with advocating an ounce of prevention in order to be less of a burden on others?

    What is sad is guys like Dennis Evers has to explain prudence because of this liberal bent exposé.

    • PS February 15, 2012, 1:01 pm

      It all began with the title “Doomsday Preppers”…. with that kind of a lead in, what could you possibly expect?

  • Jarhead 03 February 15, 2012, 1:06 pm

    I have watched the show this and last season.

    I myself could not do the show due to OPSEC and concerns of how they may twist and edit what they have recorded.

    That being said I commend Dennis for sharing and I took some notes to add to my prepping. It is an inherent risk I could not take, to my friends I’m the guy who is prepared for most situations and I downplay what I have prepped when asked saying I have the state required ten days worth in the event of an earthquake not wanting them to know I have six months for two people.

    • Jason February 15, 2012, 1:41 pm

      You know what I find interesting is that prepping never comes up in conversation with me & I interact with lots of people. I’ve got all of the essentials for sustenance for a bit of time but is not even a focal point for me so, nobody knows therefore, they don’t even care.

      I think the best “OPSEC” is just blend in & appear to live like the rest. If & that’s a big IF, someone asked me why I have the 10 day state requirement, I’d probably act surprised & say “I didn’t realize I had it – is this what the state requires? Wow, what a strange coincidence …”

      • Jarhead 03 February 17, 2012, 10:03 pm

        Jason, the reason it comes up a bit more for me I think is because I live in the center of earthquake country. The state pushes for everyone to have no less than 10 days worth of food, water and supplies.

        One minor quake or a big one somewhere else and people start stocking up for 10 days. With all of my downsides at least the encourage prepping in a sense.

        • Jason February 18, 2012, 4:21 am

          I live in So Cal too my friend & have since ’56 …

          • irishdutchuncle February 19, 2012, 7:45 am

            “i’ve been this way since 1956” myself. even before i ever visited So Cal…

          • irishdutchuncle February 19, 2012, 11:25 am

            and Jason, whatever idiosyncraies we may atribute to you,

            you went above and beyond duty, putting your e-mail out there. (in the discussion above)

          • Jason February 19, 2012, 6:53 pm

            ….. assuming that’s my address – ha, ha.

            People like sillyMe won’t take the challenge, that is guaranteed because they are not steeped enough in their belief. What they do not understand is nearly all Christians believe in an Almighty God because of love, not a petty fear or myopia as they most often assume.

            Also, once a person crosses the line & gives Jesus the steering wheel of their life, the Bible then becomes an incredibly deep, multi-dimentional life instruction book among other things. I studied it prior to & speak from experience.

  • extremesgs February 15, 2012, 2:32 pm

    i think we’re in agreement about most of this.

    OPSEC. check.

    Yahoos on TV explioting being prepared in life. check

    “prepping” is about being “prepared.” that is, preparedness in general. not JUST prepared for the grid to go down, not JUST prepared for oil crisis, not JUST prepared for Nukes/Terrorism/Financial crash etc… that’s not being prepared. that’s having a hobby. that’s using (given issue) as an excuse to hoard, garden, play with guns, etc. that’s not what this is about. being prepared- prepping, if you will- is about being ready for as much/many forseeable disruptions to daily life as possible. (uh, and not blabbing it to the general public!)

    (and its NOT about a fat lady who likes to cook, who walks around with her finger ON THE TRIGGER of her gun while searching her house, and then “teaching” people how to defend themselves!!!!!!!)

    i haven’t yet seen the episode with Dennis yet, but from what i read up top, it looks like it could be some relief from the hollywood BS with this show. we’ll see.

  • extremesgs February 15, 2012, 2:37 pm

    and another thing…

    crisis, turmoil, disaster, national events, etc etc. i’m prepared for in one way… as i’m sure most of you are.

    “The end of the world” that the show seems to focus on… by definition, i bleieve that means the “world” has “ended”
    just more annoyance with the over-dramatization of this

    My plan for that? Beer, lawn chair, front yard… :-)

  • extremesgs February 15, 2012, 3:04 pm

    why OPSEC is essential….

    living in new england, i’m going to find the harrisons and their friend Sy if things come crashing down around us. i’m going to kick them out of their wonderful farm they’ve set up. i’m going to secure it. i’ll thank them for their blindness and lack of preparedness (read: single-mindedness), and live happily ever after… and yes fellow new englanders on here, you’re welcome to join me :-) (if you haven’t found the place first!)

    you’ll have to pardon my rants today… i had surgery at the end of last week and i’ve got lots of free time on my hands… forced to sit on my ass, so watching tv and playing on the computer.

    • Schatzie Ohio February 16, 2012, 9:38 am

      Extremesgs – You might have some trouble with that as the Harrisons are not without guns. Kathy has her LTC but didn’t want to focus on that for the show.

      • extremesgs February 16, 2012, 11:46 am

        was just making a point… and i’m glad- for them- that i was wrong, and that people on the show are in fact keeping things to themselves. it was more about the seeminly “hold hands and love each other” approach to the “marauding invaders”

  • HQ5thMar February 15, 2012, 6:06 pm

    I too have a large family and we are “preppers”. If I talk about prepping it is with very close family friends and even they do not know what all we have. What they do know is we have food, water and protection.

    That being said. Thank you Dennis and others on the show. I know you risk a lot by being on there. We all try to help and educate others of the need to prepare. That is we come to these websites and talk about it. You guys have done more than most of us. You have gone TV and risked your own safety and reputation. I do hope it helps wake some people up to the need to prepare and hope you remain safe.

  • J February 15, 2012, 6:23 pm

    Just on a whim I went to Megan’s comments and in spite of our theological differences, one statement that she made told me everything about the show that I needed to know, in a nutshell:

    “And something that Nat Geo didn’t mention? The producer offered me $1,000 to shoot my cat on camera. Fuck him, fuck the editor.”

    I cannot see why anyone would go on the show, knowing the agenda of the MSM, and knowing that anything valid that is said or shown, will be edited out. Whatever your issue – TEOTWAWKI, pr0-life, RKBA,
    ending the Fed Reserve, whatever – keep in mind that IF you appear on ANY major media outlet ( other than talk radio, which is still pretty much free ) then you WILL be edited to look, at best, like a harmless, simple idiot, or at worst, like a heartless, sociopathic bastard just waiting to put a bullet in the back of your best friend’s skull if it is to your advantage.
    “Hey, Bob, hand me that last can of beans off the floor, will ya? BANG!”
    My opinion is, as far as media appearances – grey man all the way.

  • Michael February 15, 2012, 7:47 pm

    Dennis seems like a good guy and as far as prepping goes seems to have the right idea. I’d never go on TV, but then I haven’t even owned a TV for over a decade.

  • Michael February 15, 2012, 8:16 pm

    Hmm… I wonder if there’s a TV no TV prepper argument to be made? In my case I’m just busy and rarely watched the thing so when mine died I just got rid of it.

  • john February 15, 2012, 10:39 pm

    Well, I watched an episode tonight and it was better then expected. It was the one where they took the nine containers and made a mini-fort. Only thing I could see wrong in the segment was they stored all their food together (minor).

    Personally, if I was going to store 58,000 pounds of food, it would be below ground where it would not be bothered by weather extremes, freezing or hot, and most importantly, a tornado or major storm with 150+ mph winds

    The second minor point was if you are prepping and are thinking about a major earthquake, having so many high shelves filled with glass products touching each other might not be the best thing. Especially without lips on the shelf edges so you at least have a hope of keeping the glass jars off the floor.

    What I learned the most from those people, I still have a long way to go. Must be awesome having a Dad and Mom like them, I have to try harder.

    re: crazy

    If you have been to the hospital lately, you will find they will ask you if you feel suicidal. Never answer yes. Them asking is part of the new obama care plan and a way to take your guns.

  • Anonymous February 16, 2012, 11:58 am

    for the sake of discussion (and maybe this is skirting on a new topic), it seems that some people combine “prepping” and “living off-grid” as well as other concepts. Preparation, in and of itself, doesn’t necessarily mean less-reliant on things “Today” but more like prepared to be less reliant on things tomorrow (should things hit the fan). make sense?

    I know some- and there are likely some here- tech-indulgent people, and those enjoying the spoils of the modern society they live in, while also preparing for all of that falling apart for one reason or another, and being perfectly able to adapt to it.

    while there are certainly people taking steps today to carry them into that time if/when all hell breaks loose- such as living off grid to varying degrees- i don’t see it as synonomous with prepping.

    I am curious though, to what degree those tech-indulgent people are at who are prepared- REALLY prepared- for catastrophe. Almost by definition, we know where the off-grid folks fall… i’m curious to see where the super-geek, iEverything, life-wired-for-sound type people are at with SHTF stuff…

    thoughts? discussion?

  • extremesgs February 16, 2012, 12:00 pm

    for the sake of discussion (and maybe this is skirting on a new topic), it seems that some people combine “prepping” and “living off-grid” as well as other concepts. Preparation, in and of itself, doesn’t necessarily mean less-reliant on things “Today” but more like prepared to be less reliant on things tomorrow (should things hit the fan). make sense?

    I know some- and there are likely some here- tech-indulgent people, and those enjoying the spoils of the modern society they live in, while also preparing for all of that falling apart for one reason or another, and being perfectly able to adapt to it.

    while there are certainly people taking steps today to carry them into that time if/when all hell breaks loose- such as living off grid to varying degrees- i don’t see it as synonomous with prepping.

    I am curious though, to what degree those tech-indulgent people are at who are prepared- REALLY prepared- for catastrophe. Almost by definition, we know where the off-grid folks fall… i’m curious to see where the super-geek, iEverything, life-wired-for-sound type people are at with SHTF stuff…

    thoughts? discussion?

    • extremesgs February 16, 2012, 1:35 pm

      sorry, not sure what happened w the double post

  • izzy February 17, 2012, 4:00 am

    Right on Dennis – your segment was one of the better ones. (I was surprised how many quake-preppers kept their food in the biggest GLASS jars on open shelves…!) And of course the half-hour of evening news gives the lie to “economic meltdowns are unlikely’.
    Yeah, I forgot how a moving picture can lie too. Didn’t realize the foraging teacher Christopher Nyerges was on the show (with the salad dressing, yup). He’s a hippie but if you read his book, he’s also got a great self-sufficient home – although you wouldn’t know it from the show. I guess he decided his point was to get people interested in wild food – not to tell the world his address.
    So when the “expert judges” say he needs a self-sufficient homestead, Nyerges just nods thoughtfully and says “Yes, that’s a good idea”, rather than say “oh yeah?! lemme show you the chicken and the dog and the fruit trees in our yard and…”

  • Jason February 20, 2012, 7:20 pm

    I scrapped my original response & decided to go this way …

    Why don’t you tell me what your view(s) is/are with regards to the questions you posed & I promise to write an informational blog post about God & won’t weenie out or be too bent or heavy handed – like the fire & brimstone – you all are going to Hell in a handcart a week from Tuesday or, have my fingers in my ears while screaming – I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening ….

    ANY answer you give is ok by me as long as it’s what you truly believe & the more direct, the better. I don’t mind getting blindsided as long as I can see it coming. Ha, ha – funny me.

    This is a great opportunity because there is a chance I could crash & burn in front of many here on the SHTF (Savior Has The Force) channel & am sure many would love to see it. Heck maybe even Creekmore would stop by for a peek & enjoy seeing me get hammered.

    Ah yes, life without challenges is boring.

    Lastly, I changed your first question to read like this:

    “(Jason) define “God” – do you mean the more global concept of God where Jesus healed the sick, died for our sins, etc. or the more micro version & inclusive definition of “god” which does not contradict science, but supports it?”

    I think it is more accurate & in agreement with the world view as a whole.

    How utterly kismet that is this is – post #66 … (should have waited until 6 to post it).


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