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Will Climate Change Attract More People to Prepping?

Climate change is all over the news. Let’s take a look at what this might mean for preppers and the prepping market as a whole, but first…

Is Climate Change Real?

Climate change is a political subject, and in today’s political climate, that means it’s a polarizing subject. Those on the right say it isn’t happening. Those on the left say the sky is falling. There isn’t much common ground.

climate change drought
Farmer examining corn plants in field during a drough

Self-identifying as the political middle, I generally try to avoid political subjects these days. Those on the left call me conservative while those on the right call me liberal. Where I stand really depends on the issue, however. As for climate change, I believe the science. It’s real. It’s happening.
That puts me in a precarious position. I write to preppers, and preppers are an overwhelming conservative audience. It’s not uncommon, if I write something about climate change, to hear people call me names, tell me I’ve been duped, and just stop following me altogether. But one thing you quickly learn after throwing yourself out there online, is that you can’t please everyone. People will call you names no matter the position you take. You need thick skin.

I have seen the conversation change over time, however. Fewer people are outright denying that climate change is happening. People are transitioning from “it’s not real” to “it’s real, but it’s not man-made.” Alternatively, they are going from “it’s not real” to “it’s happened before, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

But this post isn’t about whether climate change is real or not. I’m not going to cite the evidence that climate change is real, or that humans are the major cause of global warming. This post assumes that climate change is happening.

Climate Change will Draw More People to Prepping

no water

I’ve been in the prepping business long enough to see the ebbs and flows of the market. I was on the early side of it, when “prepper” was still associated with the fringe “survivalist” folks – loners in the woods sitting on stockpiles of guns and ammo. Since then, “prepper” has become a household term with prepping becoming far more mainstream than it has ever been to the point freeze dried food can be purchased in everyday places like Costco. Reasonable people are preppers. In fact, once you look at the many reasons to prepare, “reason” follows that you must prep!
The same as 9/11, the government’s poor response to Katrina, and the Great Recession, global warming will draw another wave of people to prepping. It may be the biggest draw ever. This may be a different crowd than your typical recession prepper, civil unrest prepper, etc., but the climate change prepper will grow in numbers. You can see this already through events like climate change preparedness forums. These preppers will be younger, as today’s youth will face more of the consequences of global warming.

Climate Change Preppers Will Prep in Both Similar and Different Ways

Similar Ways of Prepping for Climate Change
What will prepping for climate change look like? In many ways, not that much different from prepping for anything else. A big part of prepping is preparing for natural disasters. Natural disasters and climate change go hand-in-hand. According to NASA, some of the effects of climate change on the United States will be:

  • Rising Temperatures – This will not be uniform across the country or over time.
  • Frost-free Growing Seasons Will Lengthen – Food-wise, this could be seen as a good thing, but read on.
  • More Droughts and Heat Waves – Just when you think the growing season will extend, heat waves and droughts will stress food security.
  • Hurricanes Will Become Stronger and More Intense – Storm intensity and rainfall from hurricanes will increase will require greater preparation for hurricanes.
  • Sea Levels Will Rise – Expect greater storm surges and higher tides. Don’t forget that warming oceans also impacts fishing.
climate change survival

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As preppers, we should already be aware of the necessary basics for prepping. If you’re new to prepping, you can start by reading FEMA’s Are You Ready? book… but many preppers have pretty strong feelings about FEMA and their Katrina response. Still, the book covers the basics. If you’re following sites like SHTFblog, however, you’re already ahead of the game.

The basics, of course, include everything from having an emergency plan, having food and water stored, making a bug out bag, to the more mundane subjects of having financial protection for your house, apartment, etc. These are not new ideas for most preppers, but in what ways will climate change require new means of prepping?

Different Ways of Prepping for Climate Change

The same as prepping for a recession requires different methods than prepping for civil unrest, prepping for climate change will require different methods as well. While climate change will require preparing for more hurricanes in certain areas, there are longer-term issues that will need to be addressed. Here are a few:

  • Environmental Migration – There are already indications that climate change is driving mass migration around the globe. While the United States may not face the type of migration problems that people in Bangladesh, Africa, Central America, and Australia might face, the people in these places will have to go somewhere when drought and famine strike. Their migration will cause political and economic challenges around the globe. How can you prepare for that as an individual? I don’t know.
  • Food Shortages – Erratic weather will wreak havoc on agriculture. Farmers will experience drought, then abnormally heavy rainfall, then drought, then hail, etc. Food prices will swing up and down. The household impact will be felt at the grocery store checkout.
    • Gardening – Preparing for this could, and should, include growing more food at home. That could mean anything from an herb garden off your deck to a full-size family survival garden. Gardening, and doing it well, requires knowledge and experience. You can’t just go and plant a garden expecting results. Good soil often takes years to produce. Knowing how to prevent pests and crop disease also takes experience. That’s not even covering seed saving.
    • Preserving Food
      – If you’re growing your own food, you will eventually graduate to producing food that will take you through winter. That means not only growing more but preserving it. Buy a copy of the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning and learn how to can. Maybe you will build a root cellar and/or dry storage.
    • Stocking Up – Remember that what hits farms will also hit you, so your garden could be subject to the same erratic weather. Stocking up on non-perishables is a basic tenet of prepping. For climate change, you will want to do more of that. Take advantage of sales. Stock a pantry and rotate stock. When there are shortages and prices are high, you can use the stock you already have.
  • Finances – Having your financial house in order makes sense on every level, and it also applies here. Energy may cost more. Homeowner’s insurance may cost more. Food may cost more. And, depending on where you live, you may also be face with…
  • Moving – Some people are already experiencing the urge to flee (think people in California who are under a near-constant threat of wildfires). People living along the coast may also be finding an urge to move inland. More and more people will be wondering where to escape climate change in the United States. Real estate prices will decline in some places, rise in others. If you are not wedded to a particular area, or your kids/grandkids are wondering where to live, getting ahead of the population move may be wise.

Why Climate Change Preppers Should be Welcomed

h2o survival storage

Whether you believe climate change is happening or not, whether you think it’s man-made or not, climate change preppers should be welcomed into the prepping community. Even if they don’t align with the typical prepper’s political beliefs, the more people that are prepared the better – regardless of their reasons!

Think of this practically, even if you have distaste for those with dramatically different political beliefs. If your neighbor is prepared, and your neighbor’s neighbor, that means greater security for you WTSHTF. Every prepared person means one less hungry person looking for what you might have. How can that be a bad thing?

And remember! When the apocalypse hits, when disease is rampant, politics will all get tossed aside when people band together for mutual survival. That bleeding-heart liberal down the street might be covering second watch when the neighborhood defenses go up against the hordes of zombies.

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