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Want to Write For SHTFBlog or Survival Cache?

We are currently seeking survivalists, craftsmen, firearms enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, and all-around skilled people to become contributors for SHTFBlog and Survival Cache.  You can share your knowledge, get paid, possibly get free gear,and have a lot of fun doing it!  For your first 5 articles, we pay $50 per article provided they are at least 1000 words and are accompanied by 5 high-quality pictures taken by you and not scraped off the internet.  Based on your writing skill, we provide you with a raise after 5 articles.  Video projects are also taken under consideration.

What we are looking for:  Passionate people who are into preparedness and self-reliance.

What we are NOT looking for:  People who want to write articles with links back to other sites or people who are trying to promote products which they have a financial interest.  It is not worth your time contacting us if that is what you are looking to do.  We are very protective of our sites and limit the number of writers we use.

Please send an email to drew(at) and put “Write for SHTFBlog/Survival Cache” in the subject line.  Please tell us what you want to write about and your background in that area.

Look forward to hearing from you,
Drew and the team

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