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10 Best Outcomes of TEOTWAWKI

We all get so hung up on the negative aspects of TEOTWAWKI, so lets have a look at the other side.  Here is the scenario, grid Best Survival Blogdown, reason unknown, no help coming.  Does it matter why the grid is down, maybe.  If aliens are storm trooping through the Midwest then the answer is yes, survival takes on a different tone, think Falling Skies.  If it is a computer bug, pandemic, or solar flare then the future looks different, we might have a chance at regrouping.  If it is Zombies….all bets are off.

By Pineslayer, a contributing author

10 Best Outcomes of a Global Reset

So let’s get started in no particular order.

1.  No more electronic bombardment.  No more mobile devices at the dinner table.  No more Netflix stealing your soul.  I would miss the NFL, but we all would miss something. We would no longer know what religious/ethnic group was killing each other on the other side of the world, that would be blissful.

2.  Becoming more connected to the natural world.  For me that would mean growing more food, foraging, fishing.  Relearning to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

3.  The current natural ecosystems could heal themselves for future generations. Yes it would come on the back of billions of human deaths, but nature has a way of re-balancing things and I’m trying to be positive.

4.  We Americans might be able to rid ourselves of the two ruling parties and start fresh. Unfortunately scum always seems to rise to the top, no matter hard we try and flush it down.

5.  The Kardashians would not make it.  Darwin would insert himself very quickly into the equation after TEOTWAWKI and those not fit to survive….would not make it.

6.  Weight lose the old fashion way.  When you have to hunt for food and travel by foot or bike it makes staying thin very easy.  The producers of the TV show “My 600 Lbs Life” won’t be happy about this.

7.  Less Narcissism – no more selfies, no more facebook posts about being at the gym, no more plastic surgery, no more “Hey look at me, I’m on TV.”  Maybe life after TEOTWAWKI would not be that bad after all.

8.  Traffic – need I say more?

9.  Less Jerks – in a post apocalyptic world you would have to ban together in order to make it.  People who are jerks would not last long…..thankfully.

10.  A different form of wealth.  Skills, food, shelter, clean water, barter items w0uld account for the new wealth.  The days of dead presidents would be behind us.

I have for many years tried to think of what the world would evolve into when the reset button was hit. I have read more posts, Top Survival Blogstories, and opinions than I can count.  I has been easy for me to think of how I would react to the scenario.  Who would I help and who would I not. Who would help me and my family and who would be the enemy.  So as I re-read the first 4 items, I realize that it is in our power to make those things happen now.  Will we? Probably not, but it is possible.  All of us can take steps to improve our lives and of those around us.  I would be willing to bet that most of you reading this already do.  The upsides to TEOTWAWKI are few and the downsides are many.  Let’s just hope that we never have to put into practice all of those scenarios that we are prepared for.  In the meantime, I will keep reading, studying, practicing, and preparing.

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Stephen McCulloch
Javier Paz

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